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Sheba ox


Kasvattaja/breeder: Scanarab

Pomar SE Pohaniec PL Comet PL
Planeta PL
Maritsa SU Arax PL
Monopolia PL
Soannja US Polak SE Gokart PL
Polka SE
Soheila US Borexpo SE
Scheherazade SE

Sheban varsat:

  • 2007 tamma Salome (Fernando)
  • 2006  tamma Shaminah (Nijem Ibn Eternity IV)
  • 2005 ori Sadek (Om El Ekstreem)
  • 2002 tamma Sharongramm ox (Monogramm)
  • 2000 tamma Shaaga ox (Gomel)
  • 1998 ori Shalomon ox (Primo)
  • 1996 tamma Shamsara ox (Falcon)

Sheba sai SAHYn  vuoden 2011 World Arabian Horse Association - Trophyn  ansioistaan siitostammana.

Click flag for FINLAND country report. FINLAND
SHEBA Grey mare, 1991 (Pomar / Soannja). Breeder: Scanarab OY. Owner: Ursula Turtiainen. Strain: Not recorded, family of Milordka (ca. 1810).
The Finnish Arabian Horse Society has awarded their 2011 WAHO Trophy to the 20-year old broodmare Sheba, who is of predominantly Polish bloodlines.
This outstanding and elegant mare is the only Finnish-born mare in Finland that is AB graded for her offspring. Among others, these include:
  • Shalomon (Finland’s WAHO Trophy winner in 2006) - breeding stallion, also licensed to produce riding ponies in Sweden and warmbloods & riding ponies in Finland.
  • Shaaga - broodmare, B graded for her offspring, and with excellent show results in her own right.
  • Sharongramm - excellent results in international ECAHO shows.
Sheba herself is also a successful show mare and was awarded the 2000 Finnish Champion Mare title with gold medal points. She is a very well deserved winner of the 2011 WAHO Trophy for Finland.



Sheba & Salome 2007

Sheba Kouvolassa vuonna 1991



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